How much time per cycle do you spend mentoring colleagues?

The mentoring that I do takes many different forms. I mentor people locally in my school, work in my division and also work on larger scales, doing a fair amount of traveling around, speaking at conferences, etc. So depending on what hat I am wearing, my time can vary widely. If I am actually in my school I may only spend an hour a week mentoring people. If I am traveling, the time may grow massively and expand in to dozens of hours at a time.

Are you allocated time in your day/week/cycle specifically to mentor your colleagues? Explain.

If I am in my school, I have no time allocated. If I am doing divisional work, I am not in my classroom and obviously have time to help others wherever I might be.

Describe a typical mentoring experience? What does it look like? (Pull-out, co-teach, workshops, etc.) Do you only mentor colleagues in your own school or do you visit other schools?

In my own school, a "normal" mentoring experience is me either going in to classrooms during my prep time or working with someone at lunch hour, after school, etc. I have done some co-teaching, but not as much as I would like.

Are you allocated time to plan your mentoring experiences?

No.... but this is a good thought and should be pursued.

Do you have opportunities to meet/network with other mentors in your school division? If so, how do you meet? (Face to Face, online, video conferencing, etc.)

Being part of Frontier, this is a large issue as the division is so huge. Currently we are meeting several times / year but this costs us massive amounts of $$ and is something that we really, really need to look at. We are interested in things like usteam, operator11, etc. but some of the smallest, most rural schools in the division still have problems with bandwidth so this is an issue for them. We set up several wikis for people to use and to share ideas with and I would like to see a ning going but so far this has not happened.

Who decides who you mentor? Please explain. For example, do you work with all your colleagues, only interested colleagues or are they assigned to you? What about reluctant teachers? To whom do you report your progress?

This happens in different ways. Working locally, we decide together to work in a mentoring relationship. On a divisional scale I am assigned to travel to a specific school or set of classrooms and work. I do follow up work with schools and principals that want it, but it is not my responsibility to make sure they follow up.

Have you set up an online professional learning network to support your colleagues? (Wikis, blogs, Diigo, Delicious, First Class, etc)

I have my blog and twitter account that I have been fortunate enough to connect with a lot of people around the world through. Specifically for my division we have set up several wikis for people to use.

If you could choose the way you mentor, what would it look like? What supports would facilitate your role as mentor?

Mentoring needs to happen on several levels. In the school, people need someone with allotted time to help them. Teachers work long hours and change take time. Classroom teachers need someone they can sit with and work on lesson plans with and then give them help to actually implement the plans in their classrooms. Technical help needs to be part of this, but the concentration needs to be placed on the pedagogy.