How much time per cycle do you spend mentoring colleagues?

I'm the Computer Consultant for our division and work out of Division Office. I'm the leader for the LwICT Team and the Technology Committee in our division. I have mentors in every school and these mentors belong to the LwICT Team. We have meetings as necessary and I consult with the school mentors on a regular basis. I also provide mentorship and advice to the school administrators and some of the teachers in the division. I have daily contact on an informal basis with an assortment of these people depending on their needs.

Are you allocated time in your day/week/cycle specifically to mentor your colleagues? Explain.

I arrange my schedule according to my priorities. My position is divided into three main roles and mentoring staff is just one part of my job. I also mentor and assist all the admin and clerical staff in their use of technology.

Describe a typical mentoring experience? What does it look like? (Pull-out, co-teach, workshops, etc.) Do you only mentor colleagues in your own school or do you visit other schools?

Typically I work one-to-one with the staff person who requires assistance. If possible I help via email, if I need more contact I also phone them and sometimes it is necessary for me to go to their site and work with them in person. If several members of a group need help we would have a meeting where everyone would have a chance to examine the issue(s) and explore solutions or create a plan of action. I do teach workshops when needed but because of my schedule I also arrange for workshops to be taught by other people. Example: I have arranged for all the teachers in the division to attend BYTE 2010 (the Division will pay their registration fee) which Portage la Prairie is hosting next year. I arrange formal mentorships and I arrange for a teacher to buddy up with a knowleagable peer when possible. I visit all the sites in the division as necessary. I email information regarding PD Opportunities and technology and teaching tips to both the administrators and the LwICT team to share with the teachers on a regular basis. The school mentors work one-to-one during the day but also offer noon-hour and after school group training for staff. We provide release time and pay for subs when mentors and teachers want to work together in the schools.

Are you allocated time to plan your mentoring experiences?

I am responsible for my own schedule and there is never enough time to do all that I would like to do.

Do you have opportunities to meet/network with other mentors in your school division? If so, how do you meet? (Face to Face, online, video conferencing, etc.)

I network with mentors via email, phone, F2F, and I call meetings when discussions would be of value to the entire group.

Who decides who you mentor? Please explain. For example, do you work with all your colleagues, only interested colleagues or are they assigned to you? What about reluctant teachers? To whom do you report your progress?

I decide who to mentor based on my schedule. If I do not have the time to work with someone or if I think someone else would be a better mentor for their particular need then I buddy the teacher up with someone suitable. I rely on school mentors to be aware of the needs in their school but respond directly to teacher requests when possible. I work more with the mentors than regular classroom teachers. I work with people in the school to try to reach the reluctant teachers by providing the type of support that seems most likely to benefit the reluctant learner. I report my progress to the Superintendents.

Have you set up an online professional learning network to support your colleagues? (Wikis, blogs, Diigo, Delicious, First Class, etc)

I publish a Technology Article in the Monday Morning Memo sent to the schools, I have a Technology Page on the Division Website and I have a Delicious account, Skype Account, Blog (which isn't current). I'm considering reviving the Blog when time allows(?!) and beginning a wiki.

If you could choose the way you mentor, what would it look like? What supports would facilitate your role as mentor?

I would have a dedicated amount of time every day that I could use for my role of mentor. We would have enough substitute teachers that my mentee would be able to have a sub, when necessary, to work with me for planning and reflection and I would be able to have a sub. when necessary to team teach with my mentee and their class. Technological support (hardware, software, technician) would be available as necessary to facilitate my role. I would have the opportunity to access PD to enhance my knowledge as a mentor that I could then share with my peers. Last but not least I would receive encouragement, respect and support from the administrators in the division for my role as a mentor.