What does your role of Mentor look like?

I am able to meet with teachers, work with teachers in the lab, troubleshoot, help plan lessons that infuse ICT, look for helpful resources.

How much time per cycle do you spend mentoring colleagues?

I have 10% of my time allotted for mentoring.

Are you allocated time in your day/week/cycle specifically to mentor your colleagues? Explain. I 'published' my schedule of prep time (8%) and tech time (10%) so teachers would have the most flexibility for booking time with me.

Describe a typical mentoring experience? What does it look like? (Pull-out, co-teach, workshops, etc.) Do you only mentor colleagues in your own school or do you visit other schools?

I would meet with the teacher to discuss what they wanted to do or to find out what they are doing and discuss how to incorporate ICT. I would then be available to work in the lab with the teacher and class offering support to both.

Are you allocated time to plan your mentoring experiences?

I am able to use my time at my discretion.

Do you have opportunities to meet/network with other mentors in your school division? If so, how do you meet? (Face to Face, online, video conferencing, etc.)

I meet with the other mentors in our school informally.

Who decides who you mentor? Please explain. For example, do you work with all your colleagues, only interested colleagues or are they assigned to you?

I work with any teachers in my school who are interested and encourage those who do not come to me on their own.

What about reluctant teachers? To whom do you report your progress? Have you set up an online professional learning network to support your colleagues? (Wikis, blogs, Diigo, Delicious, First Class, etc)

In order to support reluctant teachers, I have planned activities using ICT according to curricular outcomes for their grade. I've shared these with those teachers and then supported them with the children in the lab. I am new to Wikis and would like to create an ICT Wiki with lesson ideas that incorporate technology and links to helpful resources. I think this would be helpful to all teachers.

Please answer this question on Day 4 only!

If you could choose the way you mentor, what would it look like? What supports would facilitate your role as mentor?

The release time I was given this year made my mentoring experiences successful. I was able to meet with teachers to plan, work with the teacher in the classroom to support, and also had time to plan or look for resources for those teachers on my own. I think being able to be in the classroom gave those teachers the support they needed to be confident in incorporating technology. The biggest support that facilitates my role would be my colleagues and having time to meet, share and question.