How much time per cycle do you spend mentoring colleagues?

  • Varies week to week.

Are you allocated time in your day/week/cycle specifically to mentor your colleagues? Explain.

  • I haven't been allocated any official time. However, recently the superintendent has asked us to allocate some time to mentor others. I plan to do this in May/June.

Describe a typical mentoring experience? What does it look like? (Pull-out, co-teach, workshops, etc.) Do you only mentor colleagues in your own school or do you visit other schools?

  • Most mentoring experiences are unstructured. Teachers will come to me for assistance or if I find something of interest I will share it with others. Other mentoring I have done is in the form of workshops.

Are you allocated time to plan your mentoring experiences?

  • Because of my schedule I can create time for myself to plan mentoring.

Do you have opportunities to meet/network with other mentors in your school division? If so, how do you meet? (Face to Face, online, video conferencing, etc.)

  • We have had a few opportunities to meet with other members of the ICT team. We meet face to face.

Who decides who you mentor? Please explain. For example, do you work with all your colleagues, only interested colleagues or are they assigned to you? What about reluctant teachers? To whom do you report your progress?

  • I decide who I mentor. I will work with interested colleagues, as they come to me. I will also offer help to others; however, this is usually through workshops.

Have you set up an online professional learning network to support your colleagues? (Wikis, blogs, Diigo, Delicious, First Class, etc)

*I have started a blog for my staff; however, I have just recently introduced it to the staff.

Please answer this question on Day 4 only!

If you could choose the way you mentor, what would it look like? What supports would facilitate your role as mentor?

  • In a perfect world mentoring would involve: mentoring full time or part time, it could be an actual position where the mentor could work with teachers to plan, implement lessons, or give lessons to classrooms while mentee observes. Time could also be used for professional development, visiting other school divisions to see what they are doing.