LoveBelonging.jpgCam's Lesson: What we need to be happy?

Overview: Students will learn about their 4 psychological needs that are necessary for happiness. They will use technology to brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts and produce to show understanding.

Activate: Students will be introduced to the 4 needs: fun, belonging, freedom and power. This will be done with the aid of a powerpoint presentation and discussion(plan and question).

Aquire: Students will take their knowledge of the 4 needs and use Kidspiration to brainstorm the following(Gather and make sense):
(Fun)Things they do for fun
(Belonging)People they love and who they feel like they belong with
(Freedom)Choices they get to make
(Power)Things that they are good at, things they have created or achieved
This will help them to understand their own needs and think about how they are meeting them.
Assessment: observe students ability to sort their ideas into the categories. At this point they may need to reflect on what they are doing or taecher may need to redirect them.

Apply: Discuss that everyone has the right to fulfill their needs but it must be done without stopping someone else from meeting theirs. They will work in groups (collaboration) to create a powerpoint presentation (produce to show understanding) explaining the needs and illustrating positive ways to meet their needs. There will be discussion about copyright and other ways to obtain pictures we need, ie. take their own photos, creativecommons.(Ethics and responsibilities)
Assessment: Does their presentation show understanding. Individual interviews could be used for students to explain their choices and why they used them.